Postpartum Doula Services

I offer a variety of support services personalized for each client. Depending on when you hire me, I provide advice on everything from nutrition and exercise to developing a birth plan and picking the right birthing facility.

Non-Judgmental Support

I am here to support you in one of the most vulnerable times in your life. I will help you navigate this new season of life. In short, I got you mama!

Experience, Education, and Empowerment

I am here to help you. I have been extensively trained in all things related to postpartum and newborns. I am here to help harness your inner Super Mom!


If something comes up that is out of my scope of practice or something I can't do, I can still help! I have a long list of referrals and connections for services literally ranging from A-Z. I will never leave you hanging!

Postpartum Mood Disorders 

Maternal Mental Health is becoming more and more of a concern. With the lack of support and the current climate of our society, there is the need for support trained in this field. I have a degree in Behavioral Science with a minor in Psychology, general training through my Postpartum Doula training, as well as currently training to become certified in Maternal Mental Health through the Postpartum Support International. I also have personal experience with PMD's as I had it after I had my children. 
Partners and supporting family members are also susceptible to PMD's. If you would like to learn more about this subject, please feel free to reach out to me or go to the Postpartum Support International for more information.

And Much More!!

From laundry to meal prep to helping you rest. I've got you!


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