What is a Maternity Concierge anyway?

As a society, we have designated planners for every major event in ones life, except for having a baby. I don't know about you, but I don't think there is anything that changes your life more than having a baby. Aside from the joy that is felt there is also a great fear of the unknown. You are expected to learn as much as you can while, emotionally, physically, and financially preparing in just a short nine months for something that will greatly shape the rest of your life?! This thought alone is extremely overwhelming for someone not expecting, let alone someone who is in the countdown.

Now for the good news! A Maternity Concierge is here to help with all of this planning. Here are some of the endless possibilities of how to use a Maternity Concierge to help you feel prepared and enjoy the journey as well.

  • Design a birth plan

  • Design a parenting plan

  • Education for different styles of birthing and parenting

  • Stress management

  • Support for you and your whole family

  • Sibling support and education

  • Provide endless resources

  • Help expecting parents on bed rest

  • Nursery set up and planning

  • Baby shower

  • Adoption, surrogate, etc.

  • New father or supporting person education

  • Design a postpartum plan

  • Design a maternity leave plan as well as when and how to go back to work

  • Take the guess work out of where to take classes and what books to read

  • Nutritional guidance for pregnancy and postpartum recovery

  • Maternity clothes

  • Baby products

  • Fitness plans

  • Meal planning

  • Support services

  • Mental health services

  • and so much more!

Contact me for a free consultation or to find out more!

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