My son Luke was born on 1/1/2018 and he is our first kiddo, so naturally my husband and I had no Idea what we were doing. Emily was a lifesaver and helped us tremendously by providing resources, guidance and a sounding board to voice our concerns.She did a wonderful job of balancing her responses with assurance that we were doing everything right as parents as well as helpful information to remedy our concerns. Her patience, flexibility and easygoing attitude made having her over helpful rather than stressful which was really great. She helped us adapt to life with a newborn and feel confident as parents! Overall we were very pleased with her and would recommend her to anyone who has a newborn!!!

Molly Lynch,  Broomfield, CO

Emily is a brilliant, yet empathetic professional. I highly recommend her, 10 stars.

Coral Scholsberg Arvon,  Miami, FL

Emily is the reason I tell everyone they need a Doula. Emily went above and beyond. She is very wise and caring and it shows in her work. She truly is in it for the passion of FAMILY health. Mentally I was dealing with PTSD and Emily was a calming presence. She went above and beyond by meeting us at the doctors and even soccer practice! She is amazing and I now have a unexpected life long sister.

Tamra Adair, Broomfield, CO