About Me



I've been a wife now for 10 years! When we got engaged, Andrew told me that he promised life would never be boring, and boy was he right! 
Between owning a commercial construction company, running my company, raising three kids and two labs, and living in a multigenerational house hold, thing are never boring (or quiet).



I still remember finding out I was pregnant for the first time. I was so excited! I've always known I wanted to be a mom and I couldn't wait to have kids. I went on to have my middle, Isabella, and our youngest, Madison. Now, I have an 9yo, 7yo and a 3yo! Life is crazy and loud but I wouldn't change it for anything!



I've always been drawn to helping other people and taking care of babies. It wasn't until after college and having two kids, that I stumbled upon my passion, Postpartum Doula. It was the perfect profession for me and I quickly got to work! Now that my children are getting older, I am focusing more and more on my business and expanding my skills and services.  


My Education and Training 

I have a bachelors degree in Behavioral Science and Psychology. My area of study was addiction and how that effected families. I had planned to become an addiction counselor and then we decided to go ahead and have kids. I always wanted to be a stay at home mom while my kids were young so I took the opportunity to do that. During that time, I found my dream career and started doing the necessary training to become certified. I am a certified Postpartum Doula through DONA International. I also am currently finishing up certification as a Birth Doula (through DONA) and Maternal Mental Health (through Postpartum Support Institute). I also am a trained Newborn Care Specialist. I will continue to sharpen my skills and add new services as much as I can. I enjoy the educational aspect of what I do almost as much as my work!


My Passion

After my own personal struggles with postpartum mood disorders, I started to seek further understanding of why they happen. This lead me to finding that the biggest factor is not only lack of support, but the right kind of support. That is when I realized what I needed to do. I am there to give the right kind of support to everyone I can. I truly believe that everyone can benefit from having a Doula (postpartum and birth). My goal is to one day (sooner than later) make all my services available through the non-profit sector. Financial capability should not be what determines getting the right type of support.

"Emily is the reason I tell everyone they need a Doula. Emily went above and beyond. She is very wise and caring and it shows in her work. She truly is in it for the passion of FAMILY health. Mentally I was dealing with PTSD and Emily was a calming presence. She went above and beyond by meeting us at the doctors and even soccer practice! She is amazing and I now have an unexpected life long sister." -Tamra

Baby holding parent pinky finger

Volunteering Positions and advocacy

When I am not working with clients you can find me

- Volunteering for Denver Health's Doula Program
- Broomfield Community Foundation Grant committee  
- Ambassador for 20/20 MOM 
Mom Congress
The Blue Dot Program 
Postpartum Support International 
Postpartum Care Foundation
- Mentoring other Postpartum Doula's